Project Optimist


We strive to inform and inspire with our journalism and through art by Minnesota artists. There’s a lot of division and bad news in the world, and we know it’s causing people to burn out and withdraw from civic life. We feature art for a breath of fresh air and useful news to help reframe problems and re-engage problem solvers. 

Nora Hertel is an optimist by choice and founder of Project Optimist. She’s an investigative reporter, recovering from 10 years on the politics beat. Nora is a super fan of solutions journalism and trained to teach it through the Solutions Journalism Network. Project Optimist is a proud member of the Tiny News Collective accelerator program.

A Ray of Light: Solutions, stories and art


Project Optimist’s newsletter features original reporting about solutions in Minnesota. See how people are taking on big problems and innovating on environmental, business and social issues. We practice solutions journalism: rigorous, evidence-based reporting on responses to social problems. 

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