Help create more optimism: Come work with Project Optimist!

If you want to bolster the future of journalism and democracy, build community and inspire problem solvers, this is the workplace for you. We support employee mental health and professional development.

Position: Chief Revenue Officer - full time

Mission: Raise revenue for Project Optimist operations and growth through sponsorship sales, ad and branded content sales, member and large donor fundraising and grant scouting. The revenue will support unique, solutions journalism, local art, community building and problem solving programs, journalism training and media literacy education.


  • Develop a sustainability plan for Project Optimist and other important internal systems.
  • Coach and advise the executive director on revenue matters.
  • Develop relationships with large individual donors and bring in donations.
  • Scout and identify large grants to support Project Optimist programs and work with the executive director to apply.
  • Develop and launch ad sales and branded content programs for the newsletter and website.
  • Sell sponsorships for Shades of Purple event series, SOP podcast and other large journalism projects.
  • Execute the 2023 fundraising plan and develop a plan for 2024, etc.
  • Eventually: Hire and supervise sales and development staff.

Needed skills and experience: Five years of experience in fundraising or sales. Connections to central Minnesota. Committed to the mission of Project Optimist. Self-directed and entrepreneurial - able to forge new ground for the organization. Creative in how you approach potential partners

Salary: $65,000, half via commission with opportunities for rapid growth. Insurance stipend for 2023 with benefits beginning in 2024.

Position: Event manager - full time with option for 30-hour weeks

Mission: Plan and execute events, primarily the Shades of Purple: Dialogue across difference in greater Minnesota project, to spur community bridging and collaboration and support the overall vision of Project Optimist.

Responsibilities: Manage Shades of Purple events including participant recruitment and screening, volunteer coordination, collaborating with event partners, surveying participants and supporting the program's marketing. Responsibilities also include co-planning a June fundraiser event and supporting additional outreach opportunities.

Needed skills and experience:

  • Played a leadership role in planning and executing large events.
  • Experienced with logistics - coordinating many people and other moving parts.
  • Strong communicator with a wide range of partners from volunteers and clients to sponsors, contractors and internal staff.
  • Experience measuring and reporting on the impact of nonprofit programs or events.
  • Can stay within budget and find ways to generate revenue at events.

Salary: $45,000 to $65,000, with opportunities for growth. Insurance stipend for 2023 with benefits beginning in 2024.

To apply for either position, send a resume and cover letter to with the name of the position in the subject line.